A robust feature set allows you to customize Meetingbird to your unique scheduling needs.

Automatic Timezone Detection

Meetingbird automatically displays meeting times in the timezone of the viewer.

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Schedule from Gmail

Meetingbird's Chrome Extension allows you to schedule meetings faster in Gmail.

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Zoom Integration

Automatically generate a Zoom meeting when a meeting is booked.

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Sync calendars from multiple accounts

Have a personal and work calendar you need to keep track of for scheduling? Meetingbird can handle it.

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Group Scheduling

Schedule meetings with multiple team members seamlessly or using Meeting Polls to vote on the best time to meet.

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Your Homepage allows viewers to choose from multiple meeting types when scheduling a meeting with you.

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Award-winning user interface

A beautiful scheduling interface ensures a high conversion rate for visitors booking meetings with you.

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Unlimited meeting types

Create as many meetings types as you need to manage unique settings for product demos, sales calls, onboarding meetings, and more.

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Advance Notice and Meeting Buffer

Prevent last-minute bookings, and add padding before and after meetings to prevent back-to-back bookings.

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Custom Questions

Add text and selection questions to your booking page to get additional information from meeting requestors.

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Hold Events

Automatically create hold events on your calendar to set aside time for certain meetings and prevent colleagues from adding conflicting events.

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Custom Branding

Full support for adding your own branding to your scheduling page (logo, tagline, colors, and more).

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Confirmation Emails

Full ability to customize the confirmation email that's sent to meeting requestors after they book a meeting.

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Reminder Emails

Prevent no-shows with automated, customizable reminder emails to meeting attendees.

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Zapier Integration

Connect Meetingbird to the rest of your workflow with Zapier.

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